Your Positive Attitude is Key to a Good Marriage

Your Positive Attitude is Key to a Good MarriageThings aren’t going so well in your marriage? Is it time for an attitude check? Your positive attitude is key to a good marriage. So are you complaining a lot? Do you feel you are frowning more than smiling? Even more so, do you think the worst, instead of the best about your spouse when you are talking to each other? Then it is time to turn your attitude around.

Here is a fabulous video that gives you the clue on how to “turn that frown upside down”.

Your Positive Attitude is Key to a Good Marriage

Choosing your attitude is YOUR responsibility. No one can take that away from you!

Next, just what are some practical tips to having a positive attitude. I found this article in Simple and like where it goes. See what you think.

The truth is, I will never have a perfect marriage. I’ll never be a perfect step mom and my kids, like yours, will make mistakes that will embarrass the hell out of me.

That’s life.

I’ve found it bears repeating:

The good times don’t last … But neither do the bad.

Here are 13 places to turn for inspiration, motivation and a new perspective when life has you down.

  1. Words to live by board via Pinterest. Here’s a great quote I found by Marjorie Pay Hinckley: “The trick is to enjoy life. Don’t wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead.” Amen!
  2. Empowering Parents archives. If you’re not sure what to do when your kids get bad grades or lie or disrespect you, the articles on Empowering Parents have given me many helpful ideas. Knowledge is power.
  3. Watch one of these inspiring TED talks (each video is under 9 minutes). Get the other 10 tips here.

That might be easy if you are just having a bad day. But what if life has taken a sudden, fearful descent? Still, your positive attitude is key to a good marriage here too! Some advice from Carl Alasko to a couple who are facing the near future without an income.

Carl Alasko, a licensed marriage and family therapist, is the author of “Emotional BS” and “Beyond Blame.” For information about his books, see: Contact him at helps a couple who wrote to him about the loss of a job. Here is his response. “Because you and your husband are facing an immediate and an ongoing crisis, you both need to shift to a “crisis management”-type of daily operation. This means adjusting your behaviors and attitude so you can get through each day without making things worse by discussing or arguing over issues you cannot (in the short-term) change.

A lot of research on crisis management shows that people who can focus on the immediate issues and avoid the bigger picture (such as “what does the future hold”) tend to survive the crisis in better shape. Worrying about the more distant future wears you out. The constant stress depletes your energy and tempers flare. The flaring tempers create more stress … and the cycle gets worse. ” Read what other advise Mr. Alasko offered.

You can do this! It will, like any new skill, take some getting used to. First, you must recognize your attitude. Secondly, you must make positive actions to change it. Thirdly, you must practice and practice!

There is no denying that your positive attitude is key to a good marriage. This is one of many vitally helpful marriage hints that you can find today in the Us Factor. Don’t allow your marriage to languish any longer. Click on the link today and be ready for a deepening of your marriage!

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Julie and Matt have been married for 23+ years and have the belly laughs and wrinkles to prove it! They are also awesome parents to five adopted kiddos and the owner of the How To Fix My Marriage website.

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