What Does The Us Factor Teach You?

What exactly does the Us Factor teach you? In other words, what kind of information do you get?

As we review this product, and go through it ourselves, we’ll continue to add posts to this category. We’ve just finished watching the first DVD, and I can truthfully say I’m impressed and excited to see more. The Day One DVD is an Introduction to the Us Factor, and it pretty much mirrors much of what I’ve learned in counseling. One of the first things we noticed was that Dr. Melnick has the couples facing each other and not him – this might not seem like a big deal, but I think it goes to show that he’s concerned with them working together, not working through him. Subtle, but important.

His philosophy comes out right away – small changes can make a big difference in your marriage, and marriage is an ongoing event where you have to practice skills to succeed. The goal of the Us Factor is to teach us those skills. He gives an example of a teenager driving a car – you’re not just going to give them the keys and say “Go at it!” You’re going to teach them the skills they need first, then send them out into the world. Marriage is the same way. All too often, we get into marriage because of love, then when the love fades, we don’t have the skills to keep it going. These skills are what we’re going to learn from Dr. Melnick.

He continues the analogy of the car-driving teenager – love is like driving from Maine to California – when it starts you get lucky and get all the way there without any problems. But when you start to come back to Maine, that’s when you run into storms, bad roads, and everything else that can hamper your trip. It’s now that you need the skills you learned in driving school!

This is just a taste of what’s discussed in the first DVD. From one with experience, I think the Us Factor is going to be a great product to help people save their marriage, or make it better.

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Matt is the parent (along with his wife Julie) to five wonderful kids. He has been self-employed for 25+ years and is the owner of the How To Fix My Marriage website.

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