Importance of Good Communication in Marriage

The Importance of Good Communication in MarriageThe other day I heard a woman in the grocery store say to her husband  “come on big dummy”. Now while I was hoping she was teasing him, it made me start thinking about the importance of good communication in marriage. Our words are vital in building up or tearing down our mate.

Have you ever thought about what you are saying, especially if the discussion is, well, heated. These words cannot be put back into your mouth once they are out. And now, not only do you have the problem that caused the discussion to address, you have the damage from hurtful words to clean up too.

Let’s look at what one author had to say about the power of words.

Importance of Good Communication in Marriage

Words Are Powerful

Whether we know it or not, words are very powerful! The words we use are a reflection of the thoughts and feelings we have. When we speak with others, we relay what we think and feel onto them.

So the question is, what are we saying to people? What words are we using? Especially with our spouses.

Read the next few words and pay attention to how it makes you feel – stupid, hate, dumb, worthless, lazy.

Now imagine hearing those from your spouse? Not cool huh?

What about the flipside? Read (and feel) these words – beautiful, talented, smart, dazzling, awesome, love.

Think of how it would feel to hear those words coming from your spouse on a frequent basis. It would be awesome! Full story.

These days there is so much emphasis put on the physical aspect of marriage, but as this counselor points out we talk to each other (hopefully) a lot more than we have sex!

Communication In Marriage : Why is effective… by VideojugLoveandDating

If you want a good marriage, all you need is love, … and friendship, … and good communication skills, … and problem solving skills, … and, scheduling time together. Read article.

Here are 2 tweets with links to great articles on creating a strong marriage through good communication skills.


You know we all mess up and the great thing is to start now as you learn the importance of good communication in marriage. Make amends, make changes, move forward!

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Matt is the parent (along with his wife Julie) to five wonderful kids. He has been self-employed for 25+ years and is the owner of the How To Fix My Marriage website.

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