How to Be a Better Wife

How to Be a Better WifeI did say I would flip to the other side of the coin and give some info on how to be a better wife. Just like in dealing in each other’s love languages, it is important to love your husband the way he wants to be loved. Remember that vacuum cleaner he got you for your birthday, well the reverse can be true. Not many fellas like candles and bubble baths as time together! Here are a couple of tips:

How to Be a Better Wife

Keep communication to the point. Husbands want just the facts maam! While wives like to paint a picture, husbands like the Reader’s Digest version sans rabbit trails. And keep it positive. Negativity is a drag and drags both of you down. See what this author has to say about positive attitudes!

As I’ve previously said, I think that if we take what doesn’t work in a relationship, turn it upside down and then apply it back to the marriage, we’ll end up with some ways to be a better husband, or in this case, a better wife.

So today I picked one of the worst offenses: criticizing, complaining, or otherwise griping to or about your husband. Because it’s not cool to only focus on the negative. But it will cool off your marriage… Get the full article.

Next, women have the hospitality heart. Loving to be there for their friends, extended family, church members. This is a great thing – if your priorities are right. Husbands must top the list. Not be an afterthought. One husband put it this way.

Because of her great sociability, when friends get sick she loves to help, jump in and do what she can. In the past year, for example, two of her friends have died of cancer. My wife spent days in the hospital with them – often more time than the families themselves, which caused friction with the relatives. These were not her best friends, but friends nonetheless. So many emotional causes come her way, however, that our relationship has really suffered. The balance in our lives seems to be disrupted so often. I feel like a jerk for even mentioning it. Why should I be so selfish when it’s her friend who’s dying?  Find out the answer to this question here.

Finally, while most men like a clean house and good eats at meal time. Most do not buy into their wives thinking that this makes them the good wife. Women get caught up in thinking this is showing love to their husbands. Do click like below if you feel the same as these tweets!



Men like side by side activities. The short of this is it means – handing them the wrench when they are working on the car,  puttering in the flowerbed while they mow, showing a genuine interest in their latest toy. They will know if you are just grinning and bearing it too. Ask questions, show your expertise (this does rev a man up!), in short interact in his world!

How to be a better wife does not hard, really! It just takes some studying and learning. And stepping out of our comfort zone. Same holds true for your better husband! You might be interested in checking out the Us Factor if you need a jump start to get the wheel spinning.

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Matt is the parent (along with his wife Julie) to five wonderful kids. He has been self-employed for 25+ years and is the owner of the How To Fix My Marriage website.

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